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Gold Circle Members (Annual Fund 2013 gifts of $1,000+)

Nancy Anderson
Cushman Anthony and Karen Hart
Jen and Miles Archer
Charles Canning
Ivan Cardona and Erica Schair-Cardona
Robert and Marcia Chaffee
Joel Davis and Sarah Shed
Jon Edwards and Nancy Fox
Suzanne Fox and Moritz Hansen
Judith Friedlaender
Rober Fuller
Lu and Denny Gallaudet
Anne and Gordon Grimes
Suzanne and Rupert Grover
Anne and Steven Kemper
Jane Makela and John Vogt
Robyn and Charlie March
Cornelius and Suzanne McGinn
Cynthia Murray and Severin Beliveau
David Putnam
John and Joan Roche
Nan Sawyer
Ken Spirer and Joan Leitzer
Ron Stegall
Beth Stickney and Ken Kunin
Caroline Teschke
Desiree Van Til and Sean Mewshaw
Jill Welch
Bill and Patty Zimmerman

Silver Circle Members (Annual Fund 2013 gifts of $500 - $999)

Wayne Bachner
Bill Creighton
William Dailey
Eleanor Goldberg and Malcolm Burson
G.M. Johnson
Chris Moore and Bree LaCasse
James Mitchell
Amy Smith and Bill Savedoff
Barbara Trentacosta
William Walsh

Members (Annual Fund 2013 gifts of $300 - $499)

Hayden and Meredith Anderson
John Anton and Renee Schwalberg
Bob and Marlene Bailey
Lee and James Broder
Frank Fallon
Roger and Betty Gilmore
Nancy Goldberg
Susan Roche
Michael Ryan and Mary McGregor
Ineke Schair
Bill and Ursula Slavick
Bill VanderWolk

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